Body Splash Deodorant Cologne Floratta Blue 200ml

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Body Splash Deodorant Cologne Floratta Blue 200ml

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It's nice to feel your skin perfumed with your favorite fragrance and that fresh feeling after a shower, isn't it? That's why Floratta Blue Body Splash Deodorant Cologne is perfect for completing your perfuming routine with the O Boticário line you love!

The fragrance from the Floral Musk olfactory family provides a floral and woody touch, which makes it very pleasant. In other words, Floratta Blue Body Splash can be used for any occasion, day or night. Delicate, the body splash is modern and ideal for long-lasting perfuming and a feeling of freshness on the skin.

As well as prolonging the fragrance of your Floratta Blue Deodorant Cologne, the body splash will make your days more practical and refreshing.


Floratta Blue is a classic in Boticário's women's perfumery. The combination of floral notes, which are the soul of the line, with the Musk base make this fragrance super comfortable.

Made for women who lead their lives calmly, it awakens a feeling of lightness and comfort. Not to mention that its essence reflects a woman who is romantic, but also modern and spontaneous.

Discover all the items in the range and complete your skincare routine with the fragrance of Floratta Blue!

None of Boticário's products are tested on animals.

Olfactory Family: Floral Musk