Bluwe Top Coat Shine Aurora - 10ml


Bluwe Top Coat Shine Aurora - 10ml

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Top Coat with exclusive multicoloured glitter and an innovative formulation. Developed in our laboratories, Top Coat Shine Aurora Bluwe promotes intense shine and has the ideal viscosity for application without running. Very flexible for finalising any type of procedure.

Top Coat Shines are beautiful to look at. Think of a WOW effect? That's them!

We create beautiful combinations of reflections and colours to delight our clients.

Super flexible formulation with a siliconised look. Perfect for finishing any type of procedure, including armouring. Does not flake.

The charm: Wonderful shades and colours, flexible formula, long-lasting shine and easy to apply.

COLOUR: Shine Aurora - Pink background with multicoloured sparkles.

PRECAUTIONS: Keep away from cabin light and/or sunlight. Keep out of reach of children and animals. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

Apply the product to finish your procedure and catalyse under UV light for 60 to 120 seconds (depending on the booth used).

INDICATION FOR USE: Colour and shine finish for shielding, gel bath and lengthening procedures.