Bluwe Gummy Gel Baby Pink - 30g
Bluwe Gummy Gel Baby Pink - 30g


Bluwe Gummy Gel Baby Pink - 30g

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Nail gel with innovative formulation. Firm consistency and light application. It has Smart Curvature Technology that allows for a natural structure with high resistance and durability. Developed in our laboratories, Gummy Baby Pink Bluwe Gel has been carefully thought out and performs incredibly well on any type of natural nail.

Gummy Gels are a delight to use. It contains solid particles to make it easier to handle when working with F1 Moulds and Reverses.

An interesting observation is that we have developed a "light" formulation when brushing, unlike traditional acrylic pastes.

It can be curved without fear of "white stripes" appearing.

Flexible and with curvature memory.

Can be used at all stages: base coat for normal nails, extension and stress point.

The charm: high viscosity without being "heavy". As well as beautiful, different colours!

COLOUR: Baby Pink - Pink milky gel

HOW TO USE: Apply layers of the product to the nail, moulding to the desired shape and place to catalyse under UV light for 120 seconds.

INDICATION FOR USE: Gummy Baby Pink Bluwe Gel can be used at all stages of lengthening, from the base coat to the stress point. Also use with F1 mould.