Beauty Impressive Botox Advanced - 1kg

Beauty Impressive

Beauty Impressive Botox Advanced - 1kg

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Beauty Impressive Botox Advanced 1kg


Beauty Botox Advanced from Beauty Impressive is a smoothing cream that in addition to deeply moisturize the hair, has the function to align the threads leaving hair without frizz. The new Beauty Otox is an innovative product, with its special formula composed of gazuma oil and d-epanthenol that nourishes and moisturizes helping the healthy growth of the threads. Keep your hair aligned and healthy looking with Beuaty Otox. INDICATION: We indicate the Beauty Otox for all hair types. COMPOSITION: D-pantenol, Guazuma oil, glyoxylic acid and fruit oil.

How to use Beauty Otox: Wash the hair with deep cleansing shampoo 2 or 3 times and rinse. Dry 100% the hair. Separate the hair into 4 equal parts and apply the hair otox, respecting 1 cm away from the scalp. Pause for 20 minutes. Dry with a hair drier and after drying, straighten in fine locks. Once the hair cools down, rinse thoroughly. Finish as desired. Results: Hydration; Nutrition; Frizz elimination; Straightened hair; Extreme shine; Softness and silkiness.