Pink Liquid Lipstick Tô Pra Jogo Finérrimo 5ml

Quem disse, Berenice

Pink Liquid Lipstick Tô Pra Jogo Finérrimo 5ml

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Imagine a lipstick that dries quickly but doesn't dry out your lips, and stays with you all day while moisturizing?

Tô Pra Jogo Finérrimo Pink Liquid Lipstick is evolution in lipstick form. With a fine, ultra-comfortable texture, it has superb matte coverage and in 30 seconds: it's on, it's dry, without drying out. After all, yes, dry lips, never cracked!

This fine lipstick delivers only good things:

Velvety texture;


Does not stick to the creases of the mouth; Dermatologically and clinically tested.

From the first application, you'll notice your lips are ultra-pigmented with the pink color, which will set you off and make you look great for any occasion, whether it's a special moment or a last-minute outing with friends.

In addition, Quem Disse Berenice? liquid lipstick comes with a powerful vitamin complex (B, E, F) to keep your lips hydrated and vitaminized.

Only Quem Disse Berenice? could create a lipstick that is a true evolution when it comes to making you look your best.

No Quem Disse Berenice? product is tested on animals, meaning that this item is Cruelty Free.