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Anti-idade Red Carpet Glow Self-tanning 30ml

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Why choose the Anti-Aging Facial Self-Tanner:

- Lasts 3 to 5 days
- Anti-ageing agents and 100% natural
- Serum texture
- Professional and innovative formula
The Anti-Aging Facial Self-Tanner is perfect for those who want to tan their face naturally, without resorting to sun exposure.

Its serum formula, with a fluid, non-greasy texture, is ideal for delicate facial skin. This Skelt Facial Self Tanner is enriched with 100% natural and anti-ageing agents, which work together to stimulate and moisturize the skin while providing a safe and incredible tan.

In addition, the formula contains a powerful active ingredient called resveratrol, which has a high antioxidant potential and prevents skin ageing. The tan on the face lasts from 3 to 5 days.

*******Not included Skelt Tanning Mitt Applicator Glove*******


Apply the product to clean, preferably exfoliated skin. The more product you apply, the more intense your tan will be.
Keep the product on your face for 8 hours or sleep with it on.
Remove after 8 hours or when you wake up.
For best results, apply the product daily.