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Arbo Deodorant Cologne 100ml

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Arbo Deodorant Cologne 100ml
Inspired by different cultures, the masculine fragrance of Arbo Deodorant Cologne is perfect for the day-to-day lives of stripped-down, adventurous and motivated men who take nature as their main inspiration in life.

Arbo has exclusive notes captured in the mountain air, for those looking to disconnect from routine. Being far from the urban environment, the mountain represents the search for physical and mental well-being, based on experiencing unique moments with nature.

Arbo is a Fougère Fresca men's fragrance that combines citrus and nature, being calming and invigorating. Its fragrance brings a unique combination of the freshness of Mint with Green Notes and Sandalwood, perfect for men whose nature is to be free.

The fragrance of the Arbo line awakens good stories and feelings, making days lighter and renewing energy through reconnection with nature. Green has never been so necessary for inspiring life!

If you want to make this fragrance stand out even more, try combining it with other Arbo products.

No Boticário Group product is tested on animals.

Vegan product.

Olfactory family: Fresh Fougère