Apple Cider HD (60 capsules)
Apple Cider HD (60 capsules)
Apple Cider HD (60 capsules)


Apple Cider HD (60 capsules)

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  1. You will love this new product: Apple Cider HD CAPS, the new supplement in capsules from Desin.

    What is Apple Cider HD?

    Apple Cider HD capsules are made with apple cider vinegar, vitamin B12 and beetroot, free of colouring and calories, that provide countless benefits to your body.

    With the junction of these 3 ingredients in its formula, Apple Cider HD has countless advantages for your health. Check out some of them below:

    ● Apple Cider Vinegar: antioxidant action and benefits related to good digestion because it is an acidic medium.

    ● Beet flour: beets are an ingredient that has been gaining notoriety with high performance athletes. Its ability to increase vasodilation, provides a gain in strength and greater contribution of nutrients to the muscles, being an important ally for those who want more performance and consequently, burn more calories.

    ● Vitamin B12: Assists in the better functioning of the immune system, energy metabolism, metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats and the formation of red blood cells.

    Benefits of Apple Cider HD

    ✓ Premium Formula ✓ Zero Calories ✓ No Dyes ✓ Antioxidant ✓ Allergen Free

    Directions for Use: Consume 2 capsules daily, or as directed by your doctor/nutritionist.
    Product indicated for adults ≥ 19 years.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When should I consume the product?
    Consume 2 capsules per day

    Can I take more than two capsules a day?
    We recommend no. Ideally, you should follow the consumption instructions on the packaging to obtain the daily values described in the nutrition table. For values other than these, the ideal is to be accompanied by a doctor or nutritionist.

    Does the product break fasting?
    No, the product has no nutritional contribution that interferes with fasting.

    What are the contraindications?
    Product contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women and children.

    Is there a difference between capsule and tablet?
    There are two different presentation forms for the products, so the concentrations of the nutrients present in the nutritional list should always be evaluated. In the tablet, it is possible the greater compression of the ingredients and active principles, while in the gelatin capsule we have the ease of ingestion and the quick dissolution in the gastrointestinal tract.

    Is the product vegan?
    No, because it contains gelatin in its formulation.

    Can I associate the consumption of Apple Cider HD with Moro HD?
    No. Apple Cider HD has different components and active ingredients from Moro HD, so this way the association can occur.

    Will I lose weight consuming this product?
    No. We cannot confirm weight loss. The studies state that apple cider vinegar has proteins and minerals that can help in weight loss, but they are facilitated with the help of physical exercises and healthy practices.

    What is apple cider vinegar?
    It is the result obtained from 2 biochemical processes (fermentations) that have apple as the main ingredient.