Angel Magic Shield for Skin and Eyes Pri Lessa - Catharine Hill - 30 ml

Pri Lessa

Angel Magic Shield for Skin and Eyes Pri Lessa - Catharine Hill - 30 ml

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Re-stocking on April 11, 2024
Roll out the red carpet, because the glamor is about to hit!
We are very proud to announce Angel Magic - The Catharine Hill Shield in partnership with Pri Lessa.
This product has come to revolutionize the resistance of your make-up, and was developed by our team of experts and Pri. Together, we found the ideal formula to provide practicality and durability for any skin category, make-up and temperature. With the use of the product, your make-up immediately becomes waterproof. Angel Magic can also be used to dilute and recover dry products. Pretty good, right?

We've listed 6 reasons why you should start using the new Angel Magic shield right now:

1) It's non-greasy 2) It serves as a thinner 3) It serves as a make-up fixative 4) It makes foundation more fluid 5) It makes make-up waterproof

6) Can be used on all skin types

What's more, it's moisturizing, Cruelty Free and Vegan. Maximum effect with minimum product!

How to use: Apply with your hands or a brush to the skin before applying make-up to ensure waterproof, long-lasting make-up. In products, dissolve a few drops in the product and mix to obtain the desired texture.