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Cuticle Pliers Mundial 522

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The Mundial Cuticle Pliers remove cuticles from hands and feet, providing comfort, ease of use, high durability and a distinctive design.
It guarantees total satisfaction and can be taken to the stove. The Mundial cuticle pliers have been developed to the highest quality standards required in the market.

How to use: Sterilize the equipment before use. Apply cuticle softening cream to all nails. Then place the nails in a bowl of warm water. Use a spatula to push the cuticle back and forth.
After this process, cut the cuticles with a pair of well-shaped pliers Always from the corners to the center. To finish, always apply moisturizing skin cream.

About the brand: Mundial emerged from the unification of two large groups - Eberle, founded in Caxias do Sul, in the Serra Gaúcha, in 1896, and Zivi-Hercules, which began its activities in Porto Alegre in 1931. Since the end of 2003, the group's name has been Mundial SA Produtos de Consumo. It is the absolute leader in the Beauty Care segment, presenting its line of personal care products for professional and domestic use.
These are scissors, brushes, cuticle and nail pliers, clippers and tweezers that are sure to find their way into the hands of people who demand quality, design and safety.

Mundial's Classic line is suitable for personal and professional use. It has a nickel-plated carbon steel body, with a non-slip finish which makes it more comfortable to handle. It is ideal for oven sterilization and comes sharpened, ready for use.
Considered the best-selling pliers in the world.

Brand: Mundial
Model: 522
Material: Nickel-plated carbon steel