Plush Handcuff Acaso (ST194) - Black


Plush Handcuff Acaso (ST194) - Black

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Being immobilized isn't always a bad thing.

Handcuffs for erotic use are perfect for preventing your partner's freedom of movement while your body is explored in innovative and exciting ways.
This version is made entirely of plush, has an adjustment buckle and is connected by a metal link.
Comfort guaranteed!
Tip: Combine the handcuff with an eye patch and explore your partner's body in the best way: "in secret". Raise your partner's arousal level to the maximum, making them feel so out of control that they want to let go so that they can take control of the situation and satisfy themselves, thus giving you both pleasure.


Total length 30cm
Each handle measures 25x7
Pull chain 10cm
Weight 50g
Packaging box 24x8,5x3cm

PRECAUTIONS: We cannot be held responsible for misuse of the product.
MATERIAL: Plush, leather and metal parts