Beyoung Micellar Water Skin Collection 7in1 200ml
7 in 1 Micellar Water - 200ml


7 in 1 Micellar Water - 200ml

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Água Micelar 7 em 1 - 200ml


Micellar water for all skin types. Beyoung Micellar Water completely removes make-up and cleans away pollution residues.

Beyoung Micellar Water leaves skin soothed, toned and ensures deep cleansing without compromising the natural protective barrier. It also helps to maintain hydration, rebalances the skin and fights excessive oiliness, all this without aggravating or drying.

Micelles: small particles with deep cleansing properties that act like a magnet, attracting and eliminating residues that other facial cleansing agents cannot. They remove impurities, excessive oiliness, pollution and make-up.

Apple water: original fruit water obtained through exclusive technology. It has an energizing and rejuvenating effect, besides moisturizing and bringing balance to the skin.