Tesão de Touro Single Dose Aphrodisic 10ML


Tesão de Touro Single Dose Aphrodisic 10ML

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Is your relationship going downhill?

With the aphrodisiac Taurus Horny, you won't be able to stand it! You'll have more energy and disposition and, of course, MUCH more virility, horniness and desire for sex!

This powerful natural aphrodisiac will give you incredible moments of pleasure, no more sex on scheduled days! Show a real reaction with Taurus Horny!



Length: 6cm

Width: 2cm

Contains 10ml per pack

Weight 15g

HOW TO USE: Single dose. Effects may vary according to metabolism. It is not a medicine.

PRECAUTIONS: Do not take with effervescent drinks as they may affect the function of the product. Does not contain gluten. It is not a medicine. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, the elderly and people with medical conditions should consult a doctor before taking it.