Powder Mágico da Bruxinha Aphrodisic 1G (00282) - PADRÃO


Powder Mágico da Bruxinha Aphrodisic 1G (00282) - PADRÃO

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There are certain days when tiredness takes over!

There are days when your partner is really into you, but tiredness won't allow it.

This new product from Loka Sensação is here to give you a break from the tiredness that consumes you. Pó da bruxinha is a natural unisex aphrodisiac stimulant that increases your mood and libido after a short period of consumption.

Get out of your rut and let your tiredness go.

Be ready for anything!


Contains 1g per package

Length: 5cm

Width: 2cm

Weight: 6g

HOW TO USE: Dissolve the entire contents in liquids (water, juices and teas), to enhance the effect it can be taken with hot drinks (vodka, wine, cachaça...).

The effects of the product, their duration and intensity may vary according to the sensitivity of each organism.

PRECAUTIONS: Do not use with carbonated and effervescent drinks. People who are allergic to the composition should not use this product. Do not use on areas with inflammation, swelling or lacerations. Do not apply to eyes or mucous membranes. In the event of irritation or allergy symptoms, discontinue use. Do not expose to sunlight. Non-toxic product.

COMPOSITION: Guarana (Paullimia Cupama) Caffeine Less Than 3.0%, Cocoa Powder, Cinnamon Essence, Clove Essence and Sucralose. DOES NOT CONTAIN GLUTEN.