Acidificando A Juba Acidificante - 500ml

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Acidificando A Juba Acidificante - 500ml

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What is it?

Juba Acidifier is a treatment for all types of curls that are porous, devitalised, dull and frizzy. Its intelligent formula contains plant actives that will control the pH of the hair, neutralising porosity, giving shine and softness. 

Suitable for wavy, curly and frizzy hair. Released for Low and No Poo.

How to use?

Sanitise hair with a moisturising shampoo of your choice. Remove excess water and apply Juba Acidifier, strand by strand, massaging well. Distribute the product well with a comb, making sure it is distributed throughout the hair. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly and then apply a mask of your choice. Rinse and finish as desired. Can be used once a week or every fortnight, depending on the hair's needs.