Tônico Gota Dourada Tratamento Cabelo Com Escova 100ml

Gota Dourada

Hair Tonic Tratamento Cabelo Com Escova 100ml

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The Gota Dourada Brushed Hair Treatment Tonic has been specially developed for hair that has been permanently brushed or straightened in any way. It contains keratin, which restores strength, elasticity and resistance to the fibers. It also protects the hair against aggression from seawater, chlorine, straightening and heat sources (hair dryers and straighteners). It also contains arginine, which reduces breakage and hair loss by nourishing the hair fiber and closing the scales.

How to use: Apply a dose only to the roots, leave on for two hours, then rinse.
For best results, use the Strengthening Brushed Hair Shampoo, Mask and Conditioner.

About the brand: Gota Dourada was born in 1986, in a small 35m² facility in the city of Ribeirão Preto, in the interior of São Paulo. Since it was founded, the company has been above all concerned with the quality it offers its customers. And all this dedication, responsibility and the quality of its products have been recognized and Gota Dourada has won the trust and affection of the public, and today is considered a benchmark in the cosmetics sector. The company is currently located in a modern Industrial Park, with more than 20,000m2, in the city of Brodowski, also in the interior of São Paulo.