SOS Growth Tonic 100ml - Lizzante
SOS Growth Tonic 100ml - Lizzante
SOS Growth Tonic 100ml - Lizzante
SOS Growth Tonic 100ml - Lizzante
SOS Growth Tonic 100ml - Lizzante


SOS Growth Tonic 100ml - Lizzante

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Growth of new, thicker and stronger hair
Decreases hair loss by up to 95%
Up to 7x faster growth
SOS Growth Tonic is a super root and hair strengthener, aiding accelerated growth and combating hair loss and breakage. It increases metabolic activity by stimulating the follicles and blood circulation, completely revitalising the hair. Powerful antioxidant, reduces oiliness and regenerates the scalp. Increases hair diameter with anti-thinning active ingredient. A powerful and safe alternative for those who want long, resistant hair.


Accelerated growth

Hair Strengthening

Active Ingredients: Biotin, Panthenol, Bamboo Extract, Burdock Extract, Coffee Extract, Castor Oil and Keratin.

Biotin: An important protein in the composition of hair and fur, it also forms part of the metabolism of various nutrients that help to maintain the hydration of the skin and scalp and the growth of thicker, stronger hair.

Panthenol: Guarantees a moisturising effect and damage prevention, improving the conditioning of dry and damaged hair and reducing the formation of split ends. In addition, the use of PANTENOL on the scalp also helps hair grow faster.

Bamboo Extract: Rich in amino acids, cellulose polymers, vitamins A, B and C, moisturisers and has the power to remove oil from the roots and moisturise the ends.

Castor oil: contains ricinoleic acid, linoleic acid and vitamin E, which have excellent moisturising and nourishing properties. Due to these properties, this oil is widely used to nourish, strengthen, moisturise and stimulate hair growth.

Keratin: Acts to rebuild the hair fibre, providing resistance to breakage in chemically damaged hair, leaving it soft and shiny all day long.

Burdock Extract: Anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, fugicidal, cicatrising, emollient action and stimulates the scalp.

Coffee Extract: The action of caffeine, which is capable of benefiting the entire hair growth cycle, acting through a revolutionary mechanism to control alopecia and physiological stimulation of various mechanisms that increase hair viability.

Directions for use:

TONIC: With clean, damp hair, spray all over the hair and directly at the roots, comb through and leave to dry naturally. OBS: Do not use a hairdryer on the product so that the main components do not lose their effect. For best results, use the tonic daily.


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