SOS Perfect Cuticles Granado Pink - 3,5ml
SOS Perfect Cuticles Granado Pink - 3,5ml


SOS Perfect Cuticles Granado Pink - 3,5ml

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Granado's SOS Perfect Cuticles Pink promotes the immediate renewal and moisturizing of cuticles, and provides shine and softness from the first application. Enriched with Sunflower Oil and Vitamin E. Does not alter the shine or color of enameled nails. Apply to nails and cuticles, massaging in until completely absorbed.

How to use:
Apply to nails and cuticles, massaging until completely absorbed.

The Line:
The PINK line is an exclusive professional treatment line for the care and well-being of the most exposed areas of a woman's body, such as the hands, elbows, knees and feet. Exposure to the sun, wind and the habit of Brazilian women to wear sandals increase the need for special attention for the body, particularly the feet. The tropical climate also calls for more stripped-down garments, which leave elbows, knees and legs exposed, requiring constant concern for these areas.

The Brand:
Recognized in Brazil above all for the success of its Antiseptic Powder and Glycerine Soaps, Granado has established itself in the Brazilian cosmetics market as an example of success, solidity and constant growth. Founded in 1870 by the Portuguese José Antônio Coxito Granado, its head office is still at the same address today - Rua Primeiro de Março, 16. In its early days, the company had clients such as the Brazilian royal family, the jurist Rui Barbosa and the abolitionist José do Patrocínio, who - like our clients today - were convinced of the tradition of quality and effectiveness of Granado products. No Granado product is tested on animals.