SOS Arginina Reconstrucao Curl Activator 1kg

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SOS Arginina Reconstrucao Curl Activator 1kg

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Product Description :
You know that Salon Line thinks of curly and frizzy hair like no one else and that's why we have a few lines designed just for curly hair. S.O.S BOMBA is one of them!

Famous for being a more nourishing line, since many products contain oils in their composition, this brand's products control volume and frizz, as well as repairing, shining and defining curls.

For a finish that reconstructs and defines curls at the same time, use the S.O.S Cachos Arginina Curl Activator. Developed for all women's needs, this product is suitable for those looking for reconstruction without rinsing.

The Curl Activator formula contains arginine, a powerful amino acid found in keratin that helps strengthen and repair hair, forming a protective film that seals the cuticles, reducing breakage and hair loss. It also contains collagen, which is an essential protein that helps make hair elastic and healthy.

The result of this combination of ingredients is super-defined curls, deep reconstruction and lots and lots of shine!

Aaah! This Curl Activator is humidifying and contains a UV filter. Great, right?

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S.O. S Curls Reconstruction Curl Activator results:

Deep repair, ultra hydration, maximum shine, no frizz and lots of definition.