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Boti Baby Shampoo, 200ml

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Boti Baby Shampoo, 200ml
In the fragrant foam, birds will play. It's a loving bath to cheer everything up. Day or night, a bath is always fun. It cleans everything and soothes the heart. That's what Boti Baby Shampoo is, a delicious scent that makes you want to party in the bath, give kisses and blow on the fragrant foam just to see it fly. The tear-proof shampoo gently cleanses baby's delicate hair. Its glycerin formula contains cotton extract and fennel and is free from dyes, parabens and alcohol. Its pump bottle offers optimum usability at bath time!

How to Use Boti Baby Shampoo, 200ml
Application Tip
Put a little of the shampoo in one hand and spread it all over the hair, massaging gently.Rinse with water afterwards.Care and affection: you already know, but it doesn't hurt to remember: watch out for your baby's little eyes.

- Must be applied by an adult or under adult supervision
- Do not use on irritated or damaged skin
- If irritation occurs, discontinue use and seek medical advice.