Máscara Capilar Siàge Nutri Rosé 250g


Máscara Capilar Siàge Nutri Rosé 250g

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Siàge Nutri Rosé Hair Mask 250g
Siàge Nutri Rosé Hair Mask deeply moisturises and repairs weakened areas of the hair along its entire length.

Its formula with Elixir of Roses delivers a powerful active ingredient obtained from the harvest of 30,000 rose petals that guarantees the repair of the hair in its entirety.

With the incredible Anti-Scissors Effect, it will no longer be necessary to cut your hair in order to have beautiful, healthy hair. It also restores hair's natural resistance, preventing it from breaking easily. Provides hair with a soft touch, more resistance, natural shine and benefits such as:

Deep nourishment down to the 3rd layer of the hair;Instant and long-lasting repair, without weighing it down;Healthy roots and lengths free of split ends;Free of Petrolats, Parabens and Salt.

Siàge Nutri Rosé Hair Mask is here to say goodbye to scissors!


The Siàge Nutri Rosé line is enriched with a powerful Rose Elixir, rich in vitamins and antioxidants that nourish the hair and have a high repairing power, combined with natural Red Clay that nourishes the hair, promoting balance to the scalp and deep repair from root to tip.

No Eudora product is tested on animals, so this item is Cruelty Free.