Creme para Barbear Malbec Club, 150g

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Malbec Club Shaving Cream, 150g

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Malbec Creme Barbear Club is indicated for shaving designed beards. As it is a light cream, its texture makes it easier to glide the razor. With a special formula, it does not foam, minimizes irritation and does not dry out the skin. Ensures a much more practical shave!
- Suitable for those who use designed beard.
- Because it does not make foam, it favors a precise shave.
- Super practical, with a special formula that minimizes irritation.
How to useMalbec Club Shaving Cream, 150g
Spread shaving cream over damp skin and shave as usual. After shaving, rinse your face and remove the product completely.
For a fast and convenient shave. Makes razor gliding easier.