All about the Risqué Diamond Gel Line

All about the Risqué Diamond Gel Line

If you love the world of nail polish and are always up to date with new launches, you've probably heard of - or even tested - the new Risqué Diamond Gel line.


If you're a nail polish aficionado, constantly keeping up with the latest launches, chances are you've come across - or perhaps even tried - the sensational Risqué Diamond Gel line.

But, if this is news to you, consider this your golden opportunity to acquaint yourself with your new go-to for achieving dazzling nails and that gorgeous gel effect!

Just like all Risqué nail polishes, the New Risqué Diamond Gel Line is hypoallergenic and boasts a stunning array of 20 incredible colours, complemented by the Top Coat Fixer, ensuring flawlessly shiny nails.

How do you apply it?

Following your nail prep routine (cleaning, moisturising, trimming, filing, cuticle care, and applying the base coat), start by applying your chosen colour (step 1) and then seal it with the Risqué Diamond Gel Fixing Top Coat (step 2) for lasting durability and a brilliant shine.


The specially designed brushes in the New Risqué Diamond Gel Line, equipped with 800 bristles, not only make nail painting a breeze but also ensure a flawless application.

How do you tidy up the edges after painting your nails?

Simple! Clean up any stray polish with nail polish remover, just as you would with any other nail polish.

Do you need a UV lamp for drying?

Not at all! The nail polishes in the New Diamond Gel Line air-dry perfectly without the need for a UV lamp. Once you've applied the Top Coat Fixer (step 2), let it dry naturally – that's all there is to it!

Do I really need to follow steps 1 and 2?

Absolutely! Following both steps is crucial to achieve the intended durability and effect. You can purchase the products separately or as kits - the choice is yours! Check out the options here.

What about the colours?

Aside from their impressive shine and durability, the 20 stunning and exclusive colour options are the stars of this line. They're all in line with the latest fashion trends and offer a diverse range of beautiful shades to suit every mood and occasion.

Get to know them all:


How much does the nail polish cost?

Achieving the perfect finish and lasting quality comes at a reasonable and affordable price.

Let's talk about the packaging!

While the real treasure lies inside, let's take a moment to appreciate the packaging of the New Diamond Gel Risqué nail polishes. Resembling the brilliance of diamonds, the packaging isn't just beautiful and sophisticated; it also contains 9.5 mL, which is more than your standard nail polish quantity.


Image: Dani Honorato

See? There's a myriad of reasons to give the New Risqué Diamond Gel Line a whirl! It's the most convenient way to ensure durability, intense shine, and an impeccable finish!

Show off your nails using #RisquéOfTheWeek and #RiquéDiamondGel to join in the fun!

It is possible to achieve the perfect finish and the expected durability for a fair and affordable price. 

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Heden Karla

Heden Karla

Vcs colocam tudo em inglês como eu vou ler

Vcs colocam tudo em inglês como eu vou ler

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