“We created Amassuna to show the world the power of nature in beauty products.” – Sandra and Giorgio


The Amazon Rainforest is the world’s greatest natural, most powerful and bio-actively resource for diverse products in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Yet, it is still being destroyed for short-term profits. Amassuna advocates for the preservation of the Amazonian Rainforest by promoting the use of renewable resources found our products with a special emphasis on seeds and resins for the beauty industry. We provide a morally and ecologically balanced relationship that is not only supportive of the conservation of the Amazon rainforest and the monetary needs of the surrounding communities but can financially compete with other unsustainable sources of income offered by the timber companies and agricultural; concerns.

Amassuna is the result of a passion for nature and a dream shared between my wife, Sandra and me. The earnest journey started in 2013. We were captivated by everything the Brazilian culture had to offer, from the exciting flavours of the cuisine, through to the rich rhetoric of their language and hypnotic dance movements. It was clear the Brazilians exude a profound level of emotion and energy – this was the last thing we wanted was to abandon this once our trip had ended. We wanted to see how we could bottle this juice of life and bring it back home, to enjoy time and time again.


I was diagnosed with a severe allergy; after numerous tests and appointments with medical experts, it became clear that it was condition here to stay. The frustration I had was not the condition itself, rather the inclusion of the ingredients I was allergic to in many daily treatments. My only alternative was to use the same regular treatments that were governed by homoeopathic remedies and natural ingredients. Suddenly the quality of my life had improved tenfold.

I began to lose my hair at 28 years old, and it was with great frustration that I came to accept this as male pattern baldness. However, all was not lost. My vanity took control of the situation, so I scoured the Internet with the intent of finding the solution, the right answer. Of course, at first, I tested a multitude of expensive remedies only to feel dismayed from their results. Given the fact I had experienced a positive outcome from homoeopathic remedies, my last option was to use a treatment that had natural ingredients.

Sandra and I searched long and hard to understand what plants had been clinically proven to reduce hair loss and actively promote new hair growth. To our amazement, there were a vast number of plants that could offer the solution I yearned for, so we created a product from these plant actives. With the advice and guidance of Brazilian specialists in cosmetics, we had created a product with all the plants required to alleviate my hair loss issue. Amassuna was born.

Today I have grown back the hair I had lost due to the Renove range

You too can use the very same product I used and experience for the results you deserve. Mother Nature can give you the results you need, so we infuse her ingredients into every one of our products.



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