Soul Power Crespissimo - Restructuring Spray 315ml

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Power Black Come Back Restructuring Hair Spray - 315ml

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Soul Power Black Come Back Restructuring Hair Spray

The Soul Power Restructuring Spray is a special item for you who have frizzy hair that dries out easily, leaving the strands more fragile, rough and dull. The spray restores the black that falls apart when you lie down or when you hold your hair. The Power Black line was developed exclusively for treating 4BC+ hair. It has essential combinations to completely meet the needs of these curvatures. This wonderful spray restores volume and shape to the hair. Shall we use it? Your curls deserve all the attention in the world! Always take care of them.

Indication for use
Ideal for curly hair with 4ABC+ curvatures.

What does it contain?
Aloe vera: Emollient, moisturizing and nourishing mucilage. Contains a wide variety of vitamins, mineral salts and glucides that nourish and add shine.
Coconut Water: Softening and smoothing water with a high moisturizing power due to its composition rich in fatty acids and mineral salts.
Plant Collagen: With powerful moisturizing and film-forming properties to prevent water loss.
Glycerin: Moisturizing agent, helps moisturize the hair by keeping water inside the hair shaft. Results in stronger, softer hair.
Amino Acids: A complex of amino acids containing Serine and Arginine, reduces damage to the surface of the hair fiber, repairing and protecting the hair.
Flaxseed and Chia Blend: Rich in polysaccharides that activate the formation and maintenance of curls, forming a moisturizing and color-protecting film.
Benefits for you to love ♥
Soul Power is conscious, respectful of the environment, the world and you. So here are some of the benefits that make the brand so special:

Vegan products;
Cruelty free (No cruelty or animal testing ♥);
Free from substances that are banned or harmful to health;
100% Free From: free from components considered prohibited, which cause damage to hair, health and the environment.
Get to know the brand
Beautiful and powerful, curly/wavy/curly women are looking more and more wonderful, with all the naturalness that their curves can offer. Attitude, beauty and power is all that this beautiful acceptance can provide and it is much of what we see in the hair of many women, which by the way, fills us with pride, because there is nothing better than being beautiful, with all the life and beauty of curly curls.