Siàge Micellar Moisturizing Hair Mask - 250g
Siàge Micellar Moisturizing Hair Mask - 250g


Siàge Micellar Moisturizing Hair Mask - 250g

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The Siàge Moisturising Micellar Hair Mask has an exclusive intelligent micellar system which identifies the degree of dryness of your hair and recovers the damage to the strands, acting directly on the aggressions. This way, you get 3 times more softness and leaves your strands loose and with a beautiful and healthy shine.

The mask offers deep hydration to the hair, providing 48 hours of loose, hydrated and soft hair, in addition to 67% more softness. The line also brings the exclusive Affinité 4D biotechnology, which acts even in the deepest layers of the hair fibre, restoring the health of the strands.

Dermatologically tested


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