Shimmering Liquid Soap Aurien Turquoise 200ml


Shimmering Liquid Soap Aurien Turquoise 200ml

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Aurien Turquoise Illuminating Liquid Soap delivers fragrant, clean skin with a touch of sophistication and richness.

The relationship between women and jewellery has always been inexplicable. For this reason, Aurien Turquoise sought inspiration in international high jewellery and brought the beauty of the infinite blue of the sky together in an exuberant stone. Through its intensely cheerful colour, Turquoise transports us to the beauties of the Middle East, bringing good luck to those who carry it.

The liquid soap has an illuminating and enveloping formula that forms a creamy foam, in contact with damp skin delivers cleanliness, sophistication and various benefits such as:

Vegan formula;Intense perfume;Soft skin;Creamy texture.

Its fragrance is wrapped in warm spices, a liqueur touch of amber and creamy woods. It also brings Turquoise chord to add even more preciousness to this creation.

Illuminating Liquid Soap Aurien Turquoise guarantees a soft, radiant and full of life skin with a sophisticated and intense fragrance.

No Eudora product is tested on animals, which means this item is Cruelty Free.