70+ Noite Chronos Anti-Aging Cream Refill - 40g


70+ Noite Chronos Anti-Aging Cream Refill - 40g

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From the age of 70, the skin becomes more fragile and thinner. The ideal treatment is one that restores and strengthens the skin's defense system. The 70+ anti-sag cream reduces wrinkles, increases the skin's defense and protection, restores comfort, moisturizes and deeply nourishes.


- Cellular Detox Technology, which regenerates the skin by eliminating cellular toxins and repairing damage suffered throughout the day, deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

- High photostable sun protection (SPF 30 FPUVA 10).

- Immediately: restores comfort and deeply moisturizes.

- After 7 days: nourishes and revitalizes.

- After 15 days: increases the skin's resistance and defense.

- After 30 days: improves skin texture and smoothes wrinkles.

- After 60 days: reduces deep wrinkles.

- Rapid absorption.

- Oil-free.

- Velvety touch.

- The refill version of your favorite product with less plastic than regular packaging is more practical, economical and sustainable.