Paraffin Activator Chocolate - Dark skin - 900g


Paraffin Activator Chocolate - Dark skin - 900g

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Want to get that summer colour all year round?
No matter if your type is ribbon tan or fabric bikini tan, the main asset for an efficient natural tanning is Paraffin Activator Cruzeiro.

- Paraffin Activator Cruzeiro Chocolate 900g

Recommended for dark skin, paraffin activator chocolate has coconut oil, almonds and natural extracts of cacao and annatto in its composition.
It moisturizes the skin at the same time that tanning provides a super tanned skin and an irresistible mark.

Besides being hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, it is approved by ANVISA (Health Surveillance Agency). It provides the skin pigmentation and acts as an accelerator of the natural tanning.

Bronze Cruzeiro is a Cruzeiro Group brand that has been a leader in the cosmetics market for 60 years
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