Óleo Essencial de Gerânio Relaxar 10ml Multi Saúde


Óleo Essencial de Gerânio Relaxar 10ml Multi Saúde

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Feel nature close to you!
The scent of geranium dispersed through the aroma diffuser helps to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress.

Oil extracted from the flower by steam distillation.
100% pure and natural.
Composition: Geraniol, citronella, linalool, lilac and isomentone.
For use in aromatherapy, bath, massage and skin care mixed with moisturizers and serums.

In aromatherapy:
Reduces feelings of anxiety.
Helps with calm and stress.
Helps relieve colic.

For skin and hair:
Balances the oiliness of the skin.
Promotes deep cleansing.
Has an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action.

How to use geranium essential oil?
FOR MASSAGE: Mix a few drops with your favorite massage oil, such as coconut, jojoba or Argan.
FOR AROMATHERAPY: Drip 2 to 3 drops of essential oil into the indicated area of your aroma diffuser or humidifier.
FOR THE BATH: Drip a few drops of the oil into your bathtub filled with water.
FOR SKIN: Add a drop of the oil to your favorite skin care products.

WARNING: External use, no ingestion. Avoid direct contact with eyes, if this occurs rinse with plenty of water. Do not apply the product directly to the skin but mix it with other creams, moisturizers and serums.