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Nativa SPA Quinoa Conditioner 300ml

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Nativa SPA Quinoa Conditioner 300ml
Nativa SPA Quinoa Conditioner gently conditions while improving texture, increasing thickness and replenishing the hair's nutrients.

Its formula contains conditioning agents that leave hair more resistant and protected, as well as UV Filter, which offers protection against solar radiation, helping to prevent dryness and color changes in the hair.

Strong, protected hair can only mean one thing: healthy hair. To keep your hair safe from external aggressions, you need products that protect it.

That's why Nativa Spa has brought in Quinoa as a care agent. This grain, originally from the Andes, has numerous benefits: rich in plant proteins and various nutrients and vitamins, it strengthens and stimulates hair growth, prevents breakage and keeps the inside of the hair moisturized, as well as enhancing shine.

The product has a comfortable and creamy Oriental Floral fragrance: chords of White Flowers and Milk create a contrast with the citrus of Persian Lime and Bergamot. Vanilla and Sandalwood bring a warm touch while Lavender brings calm and comfort. None of the Boticário Group's products are tested on animals.


-Provides UV protection;

-Increases hair thickness;

-Improves hair texture;


-Provides softness;

-Facilitates brushing.