Niina Secrets Body Deodorant Moisturizing Lotion 200ml


Niina Secrets Body Deodorant Moisturizing Lotion 200ml

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Niina Secrets Deodorant Body Moisturizing Lotion is the secret that was missing to finish your look!

With the same Authentic and Romantic fragrance of the Oriental Floral olfactory family of the deodorant cologne that delicately perfumes the skin, the body lotion promotes hydration and deodorant action. Ideal for a hydrated, soft and well cared skin that makes all the difference in the result of your production.


Made by us for all of us, it came to revolutionize your world with beauty, technology and inspiration. The union of a great dream with a true partnership of dreams made our first co-creation born from a relationship of trust between Niina, Eudora and you. The makeup line Niina Secrets Eudora carries care in the smallest details to highlight your best and reveals that the secret of protagonism is to truly believe. Use #NiinaSecretsEudora and reveal all your personality!

No Eudora product is tested on animals.

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