Moderação Lemon Flavor - 500ml


Moderação Lemon Flavor - 500ml

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Moderação is a practical, ready-to-eat blend of natural herbs and vitamins with more than 27 health benefits.
The difference is that the compound was developed by nutritionists according to recurring problems presented in their offices and the final formula was super effective, as well as being liquid and absorbed into the body practically immediately upon consumption.
When you take it, you feel that sense of well-being and lightness, that the product is really cleansing the body from the inside out.
It's a great ally for those days when you overindulge in alcohol or when you eat something out of the ordinary that doesn't feel right.
And for health-seekers, it can be consumed daily as it is natural.

Why is Moderation exclusive?

Rapid absorption: As it is a liquid compound, Moderação does not need to go through any dissolving process in the body, which results in immediate absorption by our body, starting its therapeutic effect and bringing benefits quickly.
Selected ingredients: Our composition has been prepared by nutritionists and studied to achieve the benefits in a 100% natural way. We use quality natural herbs and vitamins that complement each other and form a surreal and exclusive combination.
Proven efficacy: More than 140,000 people have tried it and seen real health benefits. Practical and quick to consume, it can bring satisfactory results.