Hair Mask Match Agente Antioleosidade 250g

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Hair Mask Match Agente Antioleosidade 250g

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Máscara Match Agente Antioleosidade 250g
Don't know how to take care of oily hair and end up having to wash it every day? Match believes that you shouldn't be held hostage to the tiresome routine of washing your hair every day to eliminate oiliness. That's why it has created the perfect line to say goodbye to oily hair: Match Anti-Oil Agent!

Match Agente Anti Oily Light Hair Mask has a formula enriched with Zinc PCA and Cucumber Extract, components that help to balance the oiliness of the hair. Its light texture is ideal for evenly moisturizing the hair and for light strands with movement. Best of all, the hair mask doesn't generate a rebound effect (oiliness produced by excessive washing). All good, isn't it?

Match Anti-Oiliness Agent is the perfect line to say goodbye to oily hair. It immediately rebalances the hair, controlling excessive oil production and moisturizing just the right amount, for a fresh feeling for 48 hours.


In addition to the packaging that evokes lightness and cleanliness, the citrus fragrance that belongs to the Citrus Floral Woody olfactory family of the hair treatment mask promotes a feeling of prolonged freshness. Ideal for light hair with movement all day long.

The combined use of the complete routine progressively minimizes the oiliness of the hair.

No Boticário product is tested on animals. Vegan hair mask.