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Koleston 46 Borganha Hair Dye - FarmaClick

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Description of Dye Wella Koleston:

Koleston Dye has long duration and has Wella exclusive technology of deep infusion and micropigments that penetrate to the maximum in the hair. Provides irresistible intensity and magnetic colours that do not pass unnoticed. It does not damage the hair and promotes hydration and nutrition, ensuring shine, softness and a smooth touch. It has a creamy texture that fills the hair completely and promotes a protective layer that prevents water from penetrating the hair and causing fading. The kit contains: 1 Dye; 1 Color Reactivator, which deposits more pigments in the hair for more intensity; 1 pre-coloring sachet, which ensures hair hydration and improves product fixation.

How to use:
Before applying the paint, take a mixture of all the components and swipe on some part of your arm. Wait 24 hours until you are sure you are not sensitive to any of the components. Divide the hair in five parts and mix the tube of hydrogen peroxide with the tube of dye until the components are completely homogeneous. Apply the pre-colouring sachet that comes along with the tube of colouring. With your hair still separated in locks, apply the dye from the roots to the ends, if it's your first time using the dye. If it's just a root touch up, apply the dye only there. Leave it on for 40 minutes if it's your first dye or 30 minutes if it's your second. If it's the first dye, rinse with cold water, leave for another five minutes and remove with running water. If it is a dye touch up, apply the rest of the dye all over the hair, leave it for five minutes and then rinse. It is not necessary to use shampoo, but only the conditioner that comes in the package. Warnings If you have sensibility to any of the components, do not use it. In case of allergy or irritation, discontinue use and seek a doctor.