Kaiak Aventura Cologne Deodorant - 25ml


Kaiak Aventura Cologne Deodorant - 25ml

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With its refreshing herbal accord combined with notes of musk, Kaiak Aventura Masculino has an adventurous spirit, inspired by the energy of nature.

The quest to live intensely is what Kaiak is all about. Challenges are attractive to men who are not afraid of adventure.

Nature invites you to discover it and your adventurous spirit is unable to refuse. The mountains call you to discover every inch of them. The waters of the rapids challenge you to explore them. The strength of the environment makes you want to unravel the unknown, and you give yourself up deeply and completely, surpassing your limits. Then you finally understand what nature has for you: freedom.

The sense of adventure is given by the citrus accord with artemisia and aqueous notes, which combined with the adrenaline of black pepper bring the satisfaction of overcoming through the woods.

Olfactory path:

- Top: Mugwort, Bergamot, Cassis.

- Body: Black Pepper, Dihydromyrcenol, Muguet.

- Bottom: Musk, Sandalwood, Amber.

Content: 25ml.