Xana Maravilha - Watermelon Exciter - 15ml
Xana Maravilha - Watermelon Exciter - 15ml


Xana Maravilha - Watermelon Exciter - 15ml

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Show that you're a powerful woman and a defender of equality just like Wonder Woman!

Xana Maravilha is here to help you climax at the same pace (or even faster) as your lover!

It's a powerful Jambu-based arousal gel, capable of providing delicious pulsating waves and warm sensations with slight shocks.

Xana Maravilha is kissable and has a delicious watermelon aroma and flavor. What's more, it's water-based, so it can be used in conjunction with prostheses and condoms.

Unparalleled pleasure, live intensely!


Contains 15ml

Height: 8cm

Length: 2cm

Width: 4cm

Weight 30g

Packaging box 9x4x3cm

Apply to the clitoris and entrance to the vaginal canal with gentle movements about 5 minutes before intercourse.