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Egeo Bomb Purple Deodorant Cologne 90ml

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Egeo Bomb Purple Deodorant Cologne 90ml
This feminine fragrance is the result of the work of perfumers and flavorists who have combined ingredients that are not obvious. As a good representative of the Floriental Gourmand family, Egeo Bomb Purple Deodorant Cologne is fragranced with the exclusive Salted Caramel accord, an explosion of the scent identical to caramel, with hints of Salt and Vanilla.

This combination of sweet and salty has produced an unexpected and fun fragrance. The sweet and edible impression of this deodorant cologne brings a sensual and enveloping feminine scent. Perfect for women who want to leave their mark wherever they go.

To balance the dense fragrance of Salted Caramel, the top notes of Egeo Bomb Purple are composed of Mandarin (Tangerine), Black Plum, Pear and Lemon. They give the cologne a citrus note as soon as they are sprayed on the body and complete this striking feminine fragrance.

None of the Boticário Group's products are tested on animals.

Olfactory Family: Floriental Gourmand