Diva Deodorant Cologne 100ml
Diva Deodorant Cologne 100ml


Diva Deodorant Cologne 100ml

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Diva, who doesn't want to be one?

Powerful and striking, the true Divas go in search of their dreams, stand out and attract looks wherever they go.

Real women who, because of their beauty and unmistakable attitude, become a reference and conquer everyone around them. And this feminine fragrance intensifies this feeling!

The Diva Deodorant Colony is the surprising and sophisticated combination of olfactory notes of black plum and pear that enhance your unique shine and transform your perfuming routine with a touch of elegance.

Floral Bouquet and the enveloping sweetness of caramel mesmerize and make you unique.

To leave your mark, Eudora's Secret and the creaminess of vanilla sign this scent.

Awaken the Diva in you!

No Eudora product is tested on animals, which means this item is Cruelty Free.