MEN Leave-in 150ml

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MEN Leave-in 150ml

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The modern man who talks a straight talk about self-care and doesn't give up on his personal grooming routine, loves to bet on incredible products! With MEN Leave-in, you can complement your daily routine with a lot of practicality and benefits.

Also known as a leave-in, the combing cream has formula with Shea Butter and Arginine that reduces frizz by 76% after 24 hours and 64% after 48 hours, offering softness to the hair. It also has a texture that doesn't weigh hair down and promotes soft, aligned and super soft, aligned and super manageable hair. It can also be used on the beard, and the cream provides shine without being greasy.

Detangle hair and beard strands easily with MEN! Sustainable secret: in addition to the vegan formula, the men's styling cream packaging is made from Green Plastic. This is a polyethylene plastic produced from sugar cane ethanol, a renewable raw material. Green polyethylene captures and fixes carbon dioxide from the during its production, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. greenhouse gases. This type of plastic is 100% recyclable.