Soul Power Transição - Capillary Humidifying Oil 100ml

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Black Oil Moisturizing Oil - Rícino - 100ml

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Especially for you
Did you know that every day our hair is subjected to aggression that we often don't even notice? It's blow-drying, pollution, sun... All these factors can lead to a lack of certain nutrients and hair breakage. In these cases, a good vegetable oil can help in this situation, so get to know Soul Power's Black Oil. In it you'll find Castor Oil, which provides hydration and nutrition throughout the length of the hair, forming a protective layer that prevents the hair from losing water and consequently drying out. Castor oil is known for its high strengthening and reconstructing power, which means that if you are suffering from brittle, dry or damaged hair, this oil could be the solution to leave the hair fiber more manageable and with less breakage. 100% vegetable, Black Oil Soul Power offers a more delicate, healthy and chemical-free treatment, because your curls deserve this special attention and care. So, to keep up to date with your hair care, opt for Soul Power and feel all the power your curls can offer!

Indications for use
Ideal for hair in transition.

What does it contain?
RICE OIL: Lubricating, emollient and dermoprotective agent.

Benefits you'll love ♥
Soul Power is conscious, respectful of the environment, the world and you. That's why here are some of the benefits that make the brand so special:

- Vegan products
- Cruelty free (No cruelty or animal testing ♥)
- Free from substances that are banned or harmful to health
- 100% Free From: free from components considered prohibited, which cause damage to hair, health and the environment.

Get to know the brand
Beautiful and powerful, curly/wavy/curly women are looking more and more wonderful, with all the naturalness that their curves can offer. Attitude, beauty and power is all that this beautiful acceptance can provide and it is much of what we see in the hair of many women, which by the way, fills us with pride, because there is nothing better than being beautiful, with all the life and beauty of curly curls.