Match. Proteção dos Loiros Conditioner - 250ml
Match. Proteção dos Loiros Conditioner - 250ml

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Match. Proteção dos Loiros Conditioner - 250ml

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Match. Proteção dos Loiros Conditioner - 250ml
Match. Proteção dos Loiros Conditioner is the ideal product to complete your blonde and platinum hair care routine! With UV Filter and Arginine, the conditioner provides immediate detangling for soft and silky hair.

The conditioner for blonde hair has been formulated with powerful active ingredients and has expert formulas to match your hair! It's also ideal for adding to your hair schedule, check out the benefits:

- Seals the cuticles and promotes immediate detangling;

- Instantly softer strands;

- Immediate protection against yellowing and hair breakage;

- Fragrance that leaves hair smelling great.


Bleached hair requires specific care. Match. Blonde Protection, with UV filter and Arginine, preserves 100% of the strength of the hair during the bleaching process*, replenishing nutrients for healthy blonde hair. The line also promotes a gloss effect which is a radiant finish full of shine, 6x more softness and restored ends**.

None of O Boticário's products are tested on animals, meaning this item is Cruelty Free. Vegan conditioner.

*Instrumental test on strands that have been bleached

**Results obtained with the combined use of the Match Blonde Protection line