Magic Help Color Curls Conditioner 315ML

Soul Power

Magic Help Color Curls Conditioner 315ML

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Magic Help Color Curls Conditioner 315ml - Soul Power

Anti-curl conditioner
Suitable for dyed, colored or bleached hair;
For 2ABC, 3ABC, 4ABC curls;
Free from parabens, petrolatums, mineral oil, silicones and paraffin;
Cruelty free and vegan.
Ph 3.4-4.5
Formula released for Co-Wash!

Magic Help Color Curls Conditioner contains a complex of natural active ingredients which, together with the vegetable keratin content, helps to restore the structure of dry or brittle curls. A super treatment in conditioner form.

Phytoglycerinated Grape Extract: known for its antioxidant properties, it is also rich in Anthocyanins, Resveratrol, vitamins and mineral salts to revitalize and nourish the hair.
Vegetable Keratin: a fibrous protein with a high affinity for the hair structure, vegetable keratin increases the moisturization of curls, restores hair mass and gives better combability and shine.
Amino acids: amino acid complex containing Serine and Arginine reduces damage to the surface of the hair fiber, repairing and protecting the hair.
Flaxseed and Chia Blend: rich in polysaccharides that activate the formation and maintenance of curls, forming a moisturizing and color-protecting film.
Shorea Butter: Known for its nourishing and revitalizing benefits, it has Omega 9 and essential fatty acids that protect hair against ageing and UV radiation.


After applying the mask, apply Magic Help Color Curls Conditioner to wet hair from length to ends. Detangle the hair with your fingers and rinse thoroughly.

Tip: If you have very high porosity, as is the case with me and many bleached women out there, applying the conditioner before the mask will guarantee the acidification needed to rebalance the hair cuticles, which will receive the mask's active ingredients much more efficiently.