Crystal Velvet Deodorant Cologne 95ml


Crystal Velvet Deodorant Cologne 95ml

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Crystal Velvet Deo Colony 95ml
Inspired by the glamour and shine of crystal velvet, Velvet Cristal Deo Colony is full of sensations that reveal an extremely involving mixture.

It is as if you dressed your body with a sensually velvety fragrance, which will leave on the skin and in the air your power of conquest and your mark of seduction. Sensuality and glamour for you to never go unnoticed.

This delicious fragrance brings all the brightness and juiciness of fruits.

The sensual notes translate the femininity together with the lightness of a delicate floral.

The exclusive Eudora Secret makes this creation even more involving and irresistible.

Keep your skin moisturised for longer-lasting fragrance, and underarms always protected with Eudora's moisturising deodorant.