Carlinhos Maia Men's Deodorant Cologne - 100 ml


Carlinhos Maia Men's Deodorant Cologne - 100 ml

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Re-stocking on January 16, 2023

Carlinhos Maia Men's Deodorant Cologne - 100 ml

Carlinhos Maia is Jequiti's new celebrity. He is known as the "King of Instagram", having been the most viewed Brazilian in stories and is in 2nd place in the world ranking of the most influential celebrities. For the Jequiti Perfumery portfolio, we are bringing two new products: a men's fragrance and a women's fragrance.

The men's fragrance offers an airy start with aromatic sage and mint and evolves with elegant violet leaf in tune with the intoxicating personality of coumarin. To finish off this creation, we opted for a blend of powerful woods.

The price of the colognes is super special, and they also have very refined packaging, using black and white and gold details, bringing sophistication and personality. Charismatic, authentic and humorous. Carlinhos Maia conveys enthusiasm in every moment of his daily life. He combines joy, professionalism and an outstanding personality.

How to use Apply to areas with the greatest circulation such as the wrists and neck or wherever you prefer. Can be used at any time of the day or night.

Fragrance: Elegant Wood