Botik Mascara Facial Reset Noturna Acido Glicolic   05g

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Botik Mascara Facial Reset Noturna Acido Glicolic 05g

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Your Glycolic Acid face mask now with a refill! Replenish your stock in a more economical and environmentally friendly way!

The Botik Glycolic Acid Night Reset Facial Mask is the product you need to complement your skincare routine. It has a formula made up of high-performance active ingredients such as Glycolic Acid that help with cell renewal.

It has a transparent, ultra-light gel texture that doesn't weigh down the skin and absorbs quickly, making your facial self-care moment even more relaxing. It is oil-free and moisturizes without leaving a sticky feeling.

Botik Glycolic Acid is the solution for renewed, illuminated skin with proven efficacy and visible results.

Boosts collagen
Promotes skin elasticity and resistance
Reduces expression lines
Uniforms skin texture
Restores radiance

How to use:
With a clean face and before going to sleep, apply the Glycolic Acid face mask with upward movements for better absorption. Go to sleep with the face mask on and wake up with soft, radiant, healthy-looking skin. Remove the face mask in the morning by rinsing and carry out your cleansing and care ritual as normal.