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Boticollection Free Hugs Deodorant Cologne 100ml

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Boticollection Free Hugs Deodorant Cologne 100ml
Free Hugs is a fragrance that features the exclusive "Hug chord", created with ingredients that can bring the feeling of comfort and affection that a hug can provoke.

From the Chypre Aldehydic olfactory family, Boticollection Free Hugs Deodorant Cologne's feminine and welcoming fragrance is ideal for those looking for a feeling of comfort and well-being on a daily basis.

With a bright citrus top note, a floral body, aldehydic and comfortable notes such as musk, and a woody base, the fragrance suits both day and night. Its clean, floral notes combined with the exclusive "Hug Chord" awaken memories of being with someone you love. So pleasant, Free Hugs appeals to everyone!

Free Hugs is another fragrance in the Boticollection portfolio, which brings together the classic items from O Boticário, the preferred brand of women's perfumery*.

Do you know that delicious feeling you get when you're hugged? The feeling you can't find anywhere else but inside a hug? Go for Free Hugs.