Egeo Beat Deodorant Body Spray 100ml

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Egeo Beat Deodorant Body Spray 100ml

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Ideal for those who can't do without a multifunctional product to enjoy any party the way they like it, the Egeo Beat Deodorant Body Spray offers fragrance and protection throughout the day. Everything you need to have fun without worrying!

The men's body spray has a formula that combines the enveloping fragrance of Egeo Beat Deodorant Cologne with a double deodorant active ingredient to protect you from perspiration odors. It protects you for up to 8 hours with its deodorant action.

The product also perfumes with a fragrance that has base notes of creamy wood mixed with a super enveloping coconut accord. The top note has strong spices such as black pepper and cardamom.

Apply Egeo Beat Deodorant Body Spray to your armpits and entire body whenever you want a deodorant and perfuming effect.

Remember that the cap fits the body spray refill and can be reused for up to 4 new refills of the same fragrance.

Egeo Beat, you don't need a ball to have fun to the sound of that super beat!


Egeo believes that life only gets boring when there's no fun in it. That's why it's on the scene with two engaging and fun fragrances that are sure to win you over. One with a bright blend of yellow fruits and the other with an enveloping accord of woods and coconut, the Beat and Hit fragrances are innovative and carry a special touch of youthfulness and fun.

Discover the other products in this launch and get ready to enjoy life!

No Boticário product is tested on animals.

The formula combines a special fragrance for perfuming the body with a double deodorant active ingredient. Basic day-to-day protection against perspiration odors. Provides 8 hours of deodorant action. Cruelty Free product.

How to UseEgeo Beat Deodorant Body Spray 100ml
Application Tip
Follow the step-by-step instructions to knock your socks off:

1- Turn on your favorite funk music;

2- Apply the Body Spray all over the body and armpits for perfuming and deodorizing action;

3- Reapply throughout the day or whenever you wish to maintain the fragrance and deodorant action;

4- Feel your skin perfumed and protected during the tour!

Perfumed skin protected against perspiration odors.