Beauty Gummy - Hair Skin (30 gummies)
Beauty Gummy - Hair Skin (30 gummies)


Beauty Gummy - Hair Skin (30 gummies)

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Allow yourself to glow with Desin Gummy Hair & Skin Glow.

Beautiful and wonderful in an easy and tasty way.
Desin Gummy Hair & Skin Glow is a food supplement
with vitamin A, D, E, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12
and zinc, with hydrolysed collagen and natural strawberry
strawberry flavour.

Being healthy has never been so tasty. With a premium
premium and exclusive formula, in a single gummy bear are
nutrients for healthy hair, skin and nails.
All vitamins and minerals have at least 100% of
of daily recommendations. Yes, it is incredible.

Created by Desinchá, Desin Gummy combines the best
of two worlds: nutrition and taste, lots of taste.
Fantastic, isn't it? So it's easy and tasty to put
in your routine. The hard part is eating only
one gummy a day].

Besides all the strawberry flavor, each bullet has the perfect junction of biotin and zinc that contribute to the maintenance of hair and skin. Contains vitamins B complex, A, D, E and hydrolyzed collagen. Zero sugar and zero sodium Contains 30 gummies Made for you to shine.

Glow with Desin
Gummy Hair & Skin Glow.