Prep Veneer Step 1 Cuccio - 13ml
Prep Veneer Step 1 Cuccio - 13ml


Prep Veneer Step 1 Cuccio - 13ml

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Our Veneer Step 1 Prep is a vital ally for removing oil and grease from the nail plate, leaving it ready to receive the desired service.

Step 1 Prep

Nail preparation is the first and most important step before applying gel, acrylic or gel enamelling. This is because preparing the nail plate can help eliminate the product (gel enamel, gel or acrylic) from peeling off.

Improper use of Prep can cause damage to your client's natural nail. Therefore, it should not come into contact with the cuticle or skin.

The bottle (13mL) has an inverted design to maximise the use of the product and thus provides greater comfort. This is because it fits perfectly between the professional's fingers, thus preventing future injuries, such as: L.E.R

It features a brush with DuPont filaments, which are specially developed to speed up and improve the application of the top coat.


Ensures the correct functioning of Fuse Step 2;
Dries naturally, i.e. there is no need to cure in an LED or UV booth.